What transforms a product into its dominant version?

The dominant version of a product is consistently preferred over others. To achieve this, its design must achieve the fullest possible appearance, technology and profitability. A full design will end up dominating its market.


Full design: A full design should not be confused with a fashionable, beautiful, or elegant design,... A full design goes further, these are simply its external manifestations.


  • In a full design form follows function,

  • The function responds to a real need,

  • Well-resolved needs produce useful objects,

  • That which is useful generates preference,

  • Preference becomes loyalty,

  • Loyalty generates dominance in the market.


Timelessness: The appearance, timeliness and validity of a full design, do not depend on fashion or styles in vogue, a full design offers an honest proposal to a life expectancy. His appearance does not seek to stick to a style, but creates his own style derived from his function and purpose, and thereby transcends his time.


Positive Evolution: A dominant product can reinvent itself again and again without losing its essence and remain faithful to the two previous premises; the fullness and timelessness of its design.


To have a dominant product is to have a treasure. (*)

¿How does it work?

The way a dominant version of a product is achieved is illustrated in the following clip.