What transforms a product into a cult product?

Good design: A well-designed product should not be mistaken - as it is often the case - with a product of attractive, modern, or elegant appearance... these are only external manifestations of good design.

  1. In a good design form follows function.

  2. The function responds to a real need.

  3. Well-resolved needs produce useful objects.

  4. What's useful to someone generates grateful customers.

  5. A grateful customer becomes a loyal customer.

  6. Loyal customers turn products into a cult.

Its timelessness: Its value does not depend on fashion or styles in vogue, they offer an honest proposition to a life expectancy. Its appearance does not seek to adhere to a style, but creates a style derived from its function and purpose.

Its evolution: Its ability to reinvent itself over and over again, without losing its essence and remain faithful to the previous two premises; good design and timelessness.

The cult product is not a fashion product, as it transcends its time.

Having a product like that is having a treasure. (*)

¿How does it work?

The way a cult product is designed is illustrated in the following clip.