Food Kiosks in Mexico City

On Tuesday, March 17, the first pieces of urban furniture designed by the Aguirre Group were placed. These are stalls for the sale of food, and are located in front of the Monument to the Revolution. Its goal is to improve the image of Mexico City's urban trade corridors,


Urban furniture is the result of a joint project of the government of Mexico City with several actors from the private sector.


The first posts offer a translucent roof that protects pedestrians, as they start from UV rays and do not impede visibility to the security cameras of the CDMX®. Urban furniture is designed not only to improve the image of the streets but not to affect the mobility of passers-by.

Los puestos recien instalados se diseñaron para la preparación y venta higiénica de alimentos, sin embargo su flexibilidad les permite responder a otros tipos de comercio.


Se tiene previso que las primeras delegaciones en adoptar este nuevo mobiliario urbano sean Miguel Hidalgo y Benito Juárez.

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