Economía de la innovación

On Thursday, June 11, Dr. Aguirre presented at the XXVII Symposium of the IMEF, a presentation in which he highlighted the crucial importance of the financing strategy to enable innovation.


He emphasized his argument, recalling the crucial role played by Don Luis de Santángel, treasurer of King Ferdinand of Aragon in making possible the transvestite of Cristobal Colón.


Luis de Santángel, a finance executive of the time, proposed to the king a financing strategy so attractive and so low risk to the King that the king decided to support Columbus' immortal journey. Without this funding strategy, the history of Spain and humanity would be different.


In the modern world, finance executives play an equally crucial role in fostering the advancement of innovation. For this they have to master three aspects of it:

1. Its scope and benefits.

2. Financial strategies that make it viable.

3. How to reduce the financial risk that innovation entails.


Estatua de Luis de Santangel en el monumento a Colón, Barcelona.


Finalmente, el Dr. Aguirre mostró que un método científico como el utilizado por Grupo Aguirre, es capaz de lograr innovaciones sustantivas y de muy bajo riesgo, basadas en consolidar productos ordinarios para dotarlos de un caracter dominante. Para consolidar un producto el Dr. Aguirre recomienda simplificarlo, blindarlo y estandarizarlo, que es la fórmula que han seguido los creadores de los grandes productos dominantes de nuestra época.