¿Why was the Model T so successful?

First part of the "learning from the best" series.


The way Henry Ford designed and conceived his Model T is a key lesson in Product Renewal that produced one of the most successful automobiles in the world.


When he started working on the Model T, Henry Ford already had a very good car, the Model N, but he wanted more [...]


The Smartest Pickup

The Apodictic Design Approach



Renewal of an Automotive Platform


There are several design methodologies, some of which lead to extraordinarily ingenious solutions, that are all, but practical.

Others methodologies, such as the one developed and used by Grupo Aguirre, result in improvements that seem at first sight less spectacular, but that in the end are more parctical and add substantial value to the products  [...]

Developing the Model T

Creating a Dominant Fridge


The Apodictic Design Approach and Product Renewal and Improvement


For a long time theories have sought to unify and give Design a Scientific character. The proposed approach offers elements to move in this direction by proposing the existence of inherent elements for a systemic methodology for product renewall and improvement. The examples discussed point in the direction of design solutions of apodictic quality,  among other inherent improvements [...]


Competitivity, ¿Who needs it?


Increasing the competitiveness of a business should not imply taking advantage of others or abusing market imperfections. Competitiveness is about creating value that the market recognizes and is ready to pay for [...]