The story of the Aguirre Group is indivisible from the story of its founder, Dr. Guillermo Aguirre.


In the 70's Dr. Aguirre founded the Design Center of the Faculty of Engineering and from there he designed machines and special equipment. With these machines, he pushed his ability to design successfully to its limits and identified the need for better design tools.


In the 1980s he generated the first techniques and tools of good design as a result of his doctoral work at the University of Cambridge.


In the 1990s, he applied these techniques to the redesign and modernization of products from domestic manufacturers threatened by the country's trade opening. The redesigned products not only resisted the onslaught of their imported competitors, but exhibited product-cult characteristics, i.e. they became market leaders and have remained that way for more than 20 years.


In this period, good design techniques associated with the commercial and marketing aspects of a product were added, generating the General Approach to Good Design®.  


From 2000 to 2006 he designed government programs aimed at promoting private sector investment in Innovation and Technology, multiplying it 13 times in the six-year time.


Founded in 2008, the Aguirre Group has been perfecting and disseminating the General Approach of Good Design working with clients on three continents, accompanying the design of cult-products in industries as diverse as: software, furniture, government services, medical devices, automobiles, financial services, clothing, food, materials and construction systems among others.


The Aguirre Group's dream is to develop Mexican and Latin American products-cult that bring to the world the culture and lifestyle of this amazing part of the world.

The Team

The Aguirre Group is composed of a multidisciplinary team of experts in the application of the Methodology to products and services. Its key executives include:

The Companies

Grupo Aguirre
Instituto de Innovación y Creación de Valor

Grupo Aguirre is an international organization comprising six companies: Innovalia, Aguirre Innovación, IICV, Aguirre Innovation, Di2, LatIPnet and Kena Alliance, the last two have their headquarters in Silicon Valley.

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